About Me

Hi, I'm Leah. I'm a food writer and recipe creator based in Brooklyn, NY.

I'm the former Food Editor of mindbodygreen and have worked for
Australian Home Beautiful, Vanity Fair, and Vogue.

My first cookbook,
The New Nourishing: Delicious plant-based comfort food to feed body and soul,
is due out September 2017.

When I’m not writing, cooking, or taking photos, I’m traveling or exploring New York City.
I'm a runner, aspiring yogi, meditator, and vegetable lover.

What I Do

Writing & editing
I write about food, wellness, nutrition, and travel
and have extensive experience editing for web and print publications.

Recipe development
I specialize in original recipes that make eating vegetables easier, tastier, and more exciting.

I believe that eating fresh, flavorful, and natural food is the key to feeling good.
I particularly like to focus on plant-based and vegetarian cuisines (but I also cook seafood and the occasional burger).
I'm certified in Culinary Nutrition by the Natural Gourmet Institute, so I often bring this knowledge to my recipes.

Food styling & photography
I love making the dishes I create look unique and beautiful.
Check out my photography here.


Former food editor for
Creator of The Nourish Exchange

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Interested in collaborating?
Give me a shout with any questions or ideas you have


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